What Are The Key Features That Define The MiniRAE 3000’s Price?

Many people are interested in purchasing a MiniRAE 3000 because it is the most advanced handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) detector currently on the market. It is known for being an ideal device for a number of applications, from industrial hygiene to leak detection and HazMat. When people get a quote for these devices, however, they’re often shocked – so, what are the key features that define the MiniRAE 3000’s price?

  • Proven PID Technology
    These devices contain a photoionisation detector (or PID) that has been patented by their manufacturer, RAE Systems. This sensor ensures that that the device has a 3 second response time, is able to monitor a range of up to 15,000 parts per million with improved linearity and possesses integrated humidity and temperature sensors.
  • Real-Time Transmission
    To ensure that data can be stored for future reference, these devices offer real-time wireless data transmission with either a built in RF modem or Bluetooth for easy communication.
  • Simple Service Design
    The MiniRAE has been designed so that users have easy access to the lamp and sensor. It will take them only seconds and will not require any tools, ensuring easy repairs and replacements.
  • Big Graphic Display
    Because these devices have such a large screen, it enables users to easily view the gas type, the concentration and the correction factor. This is a vast improvement on other MiniRAE devices where you would have to scroll through this information. The display can be operated using three large buttons that are usable even whilst wearing gloves.
  • Rugged Housing
    The MiniRAE 3000  PID detector has been fully equipped with a rugged housing that enables it to withstand harsh environments. It also features an IP67 waterproof design, which allows it to be cleaned and decontaminated in water, and a removable rubber boot for additional protection. No other device offers resistance against water.
  • Correction Factors
    The integrated RAE Systems correction factors lists for more than 200 chemical compounds. This means that the device is able to measure more chemicals than any other PID on the market.
  • Multi-Language Support
    The device is able to offer users multi-language support with up to 12 languages encoded, ensuring that most users all over the world will be able to understand the display and alarms.
  • Interchangeable Battery
    Whilst the MiniRAE generally runs off a lithium battery pack, it also comes with an alkaline battery adapter so that it can run off standard batteries, too. The battery packs are also extremely easy to change in the field without access to any tools.

With all of the key features that we have outlined above and many more that we didn’t possibly have the time to discuss, is it any wonder why the MiniRAE 3000’s price can be a little on the expensive side? At the end of the day, however, you can never put a price on the safety of your workers, which is why it is of the utmost importance that they have access to the most up-to-date technology on the market – the MiniRAE is just that.