What Are The 5 Features We Want To See On The iPhone 6?


With the iPhone 6 rumoured to launch in under 2 weeks, speculation is rife about the new and amazing features that the smartphone will possess. Whilst rumour and alleged leaks are all good well, the question remains of what features the public actually wants to see in the new Apple device. We have outlined the 5 most popular features here:

1. A bigger screen


Whilst users once swore that the 3.5-inch display was the perfect size, now it seems that they cannot wait for the 4-inch display to grow even bigger. Most of us are hoping for a 4.7-inch display, the rumoured screen size, which will make the phone a similar size to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

2. A battery that lasts

Every iPhone user’s biggest complaint is that they can rarely get through the day without popping the device onto the charger. A bigger screen means a bigger battery and, therefore, better battery life. The S3 has a battery twice the size of the iPhone 5 at 3000mAh, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it probably lasts twice as long.

3. A stronger sapphire-based display


A close second to battery life, another iPhone user complaint is that the screen is quite each to break. A strengthened display, however, would nip this problem in the bud. It is rumoured that a sapphire crystal display will be included in the next installment, which measures a nine on the Mohs scale of hardness – much better than the iPhone 5’s seven.

4. Near field communication

Whilst the flagship Android devices have had near field communication (NFC) chips for a few years now, Apple is yet to jump on the bandwagon. These chips provide users with the ability to pay for things wirelessly, like you do with your tap-n-go credit card. It has been rumoured that Apple will combine this technology with Passbook.

5. A better front-facing camera


There is no doubt about it – selfies are definitely a thing and it doesn’t appear as if they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Because of this, it makes sense for Apple to improve their front-facing camera so that we can take even better selfies than previously.

At the end of the day, with plenty more rumours and alleged leaks out there, it is impossible to tell what Apple are going to include in the iPhone 6 until they have released it. Until then, we will enjoy sifting through all of the gossip to pick out those features that the general public would love to see included in the next installment. What features are you crossing your fingers for?