Tips to Help You Buy the Perfect Off Road Caravan

An increasing number of people are turning to off road caravans as the ideal holiday – they offer the thrill of adventure along with the freedom to explore to your heart’s content. Whether you’re an experienced off grid traveller or a total novice, choosing the perfect Supreme off road caravan is essential for the enjoyment of your camping holiday.

Supreme Caravan

This guide is designed to help you make a well-informed decision on the ideal caravan for your adventure, from its size and weight to its ground clearance and storage. We’ll make sure that you consider every aspect of your journey before the money has left your account.

  1. Needs & Budget
    One of the first things you need to do is determine your specific needs and what sort of budget you’re working with. How many travellers do you need to accommodate (don’t forget your four-legged friend if you plan to bring them along for the ride), what sorts of features would you like, and how often do you plan to use the caravan?
  2. Size & Weight
    While smaller caravans are more agile, keep in mind that they offer limited space. Larger vans are generally more comfortable, but they can be difficult to manoeuvre on narrow off-road trails. Look for manufacturers that strike the perfect balance with heavy-duty materials where it counts (chassis and drawbar) and lightweight materials elsewhere.
  3. Suspension
    A van that will be taken off road needs to have a reliable suspension system to handle the uneven terrain. There are two types of suspension commonly used in these builds – live axle (which comprises a single axle with a single wheel positioned at each end) and independent (which consists of two shorter axles that operate separately).
  4. Tyres
    In order to take your caravan off road, you’ll need some good quality LT-rated all-terrain tyres. Ensure that the rating of the tyres matches that on the van’s compliance plate. It is also often recommended that you opt for tyres with at least 8 or 10-ply sidewalls for added strength and durability, and carry spares!
  5. Ground Clearance
    To navigate rocky and uneven surfaces without becoming stuck, you’ll need to opt for an off road caravan with ample ground clearance. This will also ensure that all of the major components of the van remain secured to the body at all times and that they will not fall off, even when driving in the roughest of terrain.
  6. Water & Dust Resistance
    Features like sealed compartments and waterproof seals can be highly useful for protecting your van’s interior from water and dust ingress. The last thing you want is to arrive at your campsite only to discover that water from that river crossing has flooded your floor or that your clean upholstery is full of dust.
  7. Kitchen & Cooking
    If you plan to spend most of your time exploring the unbeaten path, it’s likely that fast food and restaurants won’t be nearby. You’ll need to ensure that your van has well-equipped kitchen and cooking facilities (including a stove, sink, and refrigerator). It’s a good idea to have a backup option for cooking outdoors, too.
  8. Off-Grid Capability
    How easily can the off road caravan be taken off the grid? Features like solar panels, a freshwater tank, and a self-contained waste system can all make this possible. You need to consider how the van is going to operate when it doesn’t have access to the amenities provided at parks and popular holiday spots.
  9. Storage & Cargo
    Think about how long you intend to be travelling at any given time. The longer you’re on the road, the more storage you’ll need, as there is a wide range of essential gear and equipment that comes along with off-road living. Also consider if you’ll need storage for larger things like motorbikes, bicycles, and kayaks.
  10. Warranty & Support
    It should come as no surprise that an off-road caravan will take a bit of a beating, so it’s a good idea to check out what sort of warranty and support is offered by the manufacturer prior to making a purchase. A strong warranty can provide peace of mind, as does support that’s offered in remote areas as well as capital cities.

These are not the only factors that should be considered when choosing the perfect off-road caravan, but they are some of the more important ones. Other things that you may like to consider include the quality of the materials used in the build, the interior layout, and the tow vehicle’s capabilities.

At the end of the day, the best piece of advice that we can offer is to thoroughly inspect any caravan you’re interested in purchasing and take it for a test drive (when possible). The van could have all the features under the sun, but if it’s not suitable for your particular travel needs, it’s not going to offer the enjoyable experience you’re looking for.