New Tizen Based Televisions Launched By Samsung

In early January, electronics giant Samsung announced that they would be releasing a new range of Smart Televisions . These high-end TVs are powered by Samsung’s Tizen operating system (OS), which they originally developed as an alternative to Google’s Android OS. Currently, however, they seem to be focused on pushing it into all other corners of our homes.

Executives have emphasised the fact that the ultra high definition screen (SUHD) displays over 1 billion colours, which is 64 times more than conventional televisions.

Samsung have also stressed that users of their popular Galaxy mobile device can stream content from the phones to the television (and vice versa) with the simple tap of a button. In fact, the TVs will actually automatically search for nearby Samsung mobile devices and connect to them. Users can also watch live television on their mobile, even when the TV itself is powered off.


“The way society consumes entertainment…has evolved and now includes multiple devices and endless content from a variety of sources,” representatives said in a press release. “Recognising this shift, [our] new platform was designed to deliver an integrated entertainment experience that is at once streamlined and powerful.”

The televisions are available in four different sizes, the smallest at 55 inches and the largest at 88 inches. The smallest model will set you back a little over $6000 AUD.

Whilst Samsung has previously been criticized for Smart Television interfaces that are slow and deliver a poor user experience, it is believed that the Tizen OS will effectively address these issues and more. The electronics company also hopes to roll out Tizen washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, robotic vacuum cleaners and other appliances later this year.

In the announcement, Samsung revealed that the televisions were available in South Korea. They hope to launch them in the United States and Europe in the coming months. There is no word yet on when they will be available in countries like Australia.