New Tech Gadgets We Are Actually Excited About For 2018



With 2018 well and truly underway, we are starting to get excited for some of the tech gadgets that are due to be launched over the coming months. Some of these things have already been launched and we’re enjoying the excitement that they offer, whereas others are still on the horizon. In this article, we have outlined the ones that we are most excited about:

  • Adobe
    Although the team at Adobe have been at work on cool tweaks for their existing products and have teased some new ones, the really exciting thing they’re working on is uses for artificial intelligence. Many people are also eagerly awaiting the VoCo tool, which is described as being like Photoshop for sound – you can make someone’s voice say anything!
  • Augmented/Mixed Reality
    Whilst virtual reality hasn’t really taken off in the way that some people hoped it would, mixed and augmented reality have come a long way. Apple have gone all in on augmented reality with their new iPhones and ARkit for developers, whilst Microsoft has been plugging away on their mixed reality headsets (known as HoloLens).
  • Computational Photography
    When we say ‘computational photography’, what we’re actually referring to is the broad range of ways that engineers are working with software to improve digital cameras. Smartphones, for example, are getting thinner but the images they capture are getting better. Some software companies are also taking on GoPro with combined action/360 cameras.
  • Motion Capture
    It’s true that motion capture has been around for years, but it’s only now starting to get really good. Whilst it’s still being used to great effect in Hollywood, we’re seeing it used with even more frequency in video games. CG cut scenes in games are usually quite the chore, but with mocap we’re seeing that anything is possible.
  • Nintendo Switch
    This console does what Nintendo does best – it’s not too expensive, it offers a single gimmick and it has some great games. The fact it allows users to seamlessly move from playing on a TV to a mobile device is something that gamers everywhere rejoiced in. Not only have old games been revamped, new ones are being added all the time.
  • Self-Driving Cars
    Talk about self-driving cars has been around for so long that we almost take it for granted now. But did you know that Waymo officially abandoned test drivers behind the wheels of their self-driving cars in Arizona back in November? Whilst this means a lot of big things (from more free time to fewer accidents), it’s still a scary shift.
  • Smartwatches as Medical Devices
    Many people consider the Apple Watch to be a pretty boring addition to their line of smart products, but the grand plan for smartwatches in general is far from boring. It’s still in early days, but there are now apps and add-ons that are actually good for our health. The DeepHeart combo, for example, can detect sleep apnoea with 90% accuracy.

We hope that this lift of tech gadgets has made you just as excited as we are about some of the new things set to be introduced to the market throughout 2018. There are always new and exciting things going on in the technology world, and it’s pretty cool that we’re able to take advantage of them so quickly after launch. What are you most looking forward to?