Monitor Your Home With New Smartphones App

Now with the latest home monitoring smartphone app, you could stop worrying about your home when you are out for work. This new App is specially designed to convert old smartphones into remote security cameras for home monitoring systems. This app is called “Presence” which was launched late last month. It converts old iphones, ipad or ipods into security cameras that could stream live images and audio. It works as remote security camera that provides you the live images and audio, giving you information on every move that takes place inside your house when you are away. Presence converts a spare Internet-connected iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a free video camera with real-time video and audio streaming, and motion detection and notifications.

Gene Wang, the chief executive of the company said that in order to use it, consumers will simply need to install and login to their accounts in two devices, for instance, in two iPhones. When the camera is started within the app of one device, the images will be fed live to the other device using the same app from anywhere in the world. “Essentially we give you an inexpensive security system that you can use to monitor your house, or help you watch your kids, cats, elderly relatives or act as a baby or nanny cam,” said Gene Wang.

This app is developed by California-based People Power. ‘Presence’ comes with easy to install software which is unlike many other traditional security systems that could be expensive and would need technical know-how to use. This app could also be customized for an alert that will be sent with a short video clip whenever a motion is detected. Another app called “People Power 1.0” created by the same company for iPhone and Android devices reads electricity meters in real time to show consumers the amount of electricity used and if they are exceeding their budget.

“With these high-end security systems, you have a lot of false positives and then the security company and police come out and it turns out it was your cat knocking over a broom or something likes that,” Wang explained. He added that many people have replaced their old smartphones with new ones and a monitoring system would be a good way to make use of the old devices.