How to turn a patio into boon

So you have a patio in your backyard and still you think that you have not an enough space to manage your guests. Ask yourself, how many people do actually get patio in Melbourne with their house, when the houses are getting smaller day by day? Often more space seems no space. But you can do magic with the patio in Melbourne no matter how big or small it is. It entirely depends on your creativity and interest.

Well, first examine your patio to start your thinking process as what you can do to make your house look interesting to your guests. If your patio is attached with your garden or pool, you are really fortunate. Create a patio roof attached with your house, covering the exactly the patio area you got. You can choose wooden frame or aluminium, taste is all yours. However, compare your house with the type of roofing you want. For modern house, aluminium frame roof will go well and for traditional the wooden one.

Under the patio roof, place a set of sofas and few accessories like large vase, bone-fire container, small water fountain, flower bucket or light curtains to give it a feel of an open air living area. You can design it in another way by placing garden chair and table complemented with small flower pots or any show plants. You can use creeper plant to let it creep over the patio roof and let it fall from the roof frame naturally. You will definitely feel proud while welcoming and showing them the way to your guest and feel their strange but envious behavior.