How To Make Your Patio An Extension Of Your Garden

The lure of a patio for many homeowners is that it’s a little bit like having an indoor/outdoor room – somewhere that they can sit and relax without being too exposed to the elements of the wildness of the great outdoors. If this is the reason you had a patio constructed on your property, use these tips to help decorate it in a true garden theme:

Theme: you will need to decide on a theme for your patio, as ‘garden’ means a lot of things to different people. When you think of the term ‘garden’, what do you think of? A rustic look with lots of wildflowers, or the rich properties of mansions in Versailles? A botanic showcase or a peaceful Japanese Zen patio?

Sections: many homeowners find that separating their patio into sections makes decorating the space much easier, as they know exactly where certain things need to be placed. Choose some patio furniture (in the theme of your choice); tables and chairs should go close by to where food is prepared, whilst lounges should be within view of the yard where your kids play.

Privacy: use plants to create privacy on your patio area, whilst fully embracing the theme you have chosen for your garden. Lattice that you have entwined with climbing roses is perfect for a Versailles style, whilst tall bamboo plants will go with your Zen space.

Accessories: remember that turning your patio into an extension of your garden is all about the accessories – use old china tea cups as planters for an English style garden, for example, or incorporate a soothing fountain to add to the Zen of the area.

It can be very simple to make your patio into an extension of your garden, as long as you know what sort of style you want your garden to embrace. Too often homeowners will throw together elements that they like, only to find their patio looking more like a wasteland than a beautiful garden area.