How a regular whiteboard marker can be dangerous

Whiteboard markers are not uncommon is Melbourne. Almost every school, collage and corporate office use markers to share knowledge or information. But, so far rarely any user has realized the dangers of using the regular marker until non-toxic whiteboard markers were introduced. Most of people even don’t know that the markers they are using are actually the cause of the minor health troubles they have been complaining of.

Regular whiteboard markers contain Xylene. This is a primarily a synthetic chemical which are highly toxic for human body. Having regular contact with these markers can lead to serious consequences. This is due to the reason that they are get blend in the air very finely. This hazardous chemical gets rapidly absorbed by the lungs after one breathe air containing it. Soon it passes into the blood and start troubling the body.

People using these markers can be badly affected due to as normally indoor levels of xylene in the air can be higher comparing to outdoor levels, especially in rooms with poor ventilation. The worst is that the Xylene stays in the environment for several days till it is broken down by sunlight into other less harmful chemicals.

Xylene falls under neurotoxins which can lead to troubling symptoms, such as breathing difficulties, asthma, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, irritation of the nose or throat, lack of coordination and brain fog.

However, a non-toxic marker is not made with any neurotoxins and neither does it have a strong odor, which makes marker safe to be used in both schools and in corporate offices. But, while buying non-toxic whiteboard markers make sure you buy from genuine brand.