Family Friendly Bike Trips To Leh Ladakh – Top Things To Do

Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or you’re just looking for a new experience, bikes trips to Leh Ladakh make for a fantastic holiday – you can even bring the whole family along. Whilst there are laws surrounding who is and isn’t allowed to ride a motorcycle, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take the kids along for the ride (metaphorically speaking). Many tour groups have a vehicle or two that follow along with the convoy to transport luggage, which your family may be able to ride with. Or you could rent your own vehicle if you preferred.

 Whilst we love looking out at the picturesque views from the back of a motorcycle, we know that this sort of experience isn’t for everyone. So what sorts of activities and attractions will keep your family entertained during their Ladakh trip on bike?

  • Chadar Trek
    A whole journey in itself, the Chadar Trek actually takes you up the frozen Zanskar River whilst the rugged Himalayan range towers above you on either side. As such, this is a trek that can only be attempted at certain times of year. Also note that this is not a journey we recommend for small children.
  • Diskit Monastery
    Located in the heart of the Nubra Valley, this quaint monastery was founded back in the 14th century. It has a calming aura that can be felt by all who visit. Whilst not considered as beautiful as some others in the region, the bright colours and welcoming atmosphere make it a favourite amongst tourists.
  • Hemis National Park
    What child is not fascinated by the big cats at the zoo? At the Hemis National Park, the only national park in the northern region of the Himalayas, you will have the opportunity to spot the beautiful snow leopard in the wild. There are plenty of walks on offer, giving you ample opportunity to spot this grey and white feline.
  • Kardung-la Pass
    The gateway to the Nubra and Shyok Valleys, this is one of the most elevated motorable terrains in the world and a must for bike trips to Leh Ladakh. Keep in mind that travelling at elevations such as this can cause light-headedness, as the oxygen is much thinner up here, and the terrain is not suitable for some types of vehicles.
  • Magnetic Hill
    As its name suggests, Magnetic Hill possesses some incredible magnetic properties that defy gravity. A novelty of Ladakh trips on bike, put your vehicle into neutral and suddenly find it travelling uphill thanks to the magnetic field. This field is so powerful that airplanes often take their altitude up a notch when passing over the hill!
  • Royal Leh Palace
    Located at the top of Tsemo Hill, this stunning palace has been constructed out of stone, wood, mud and sand. Standing at an impressive 9-stories high, the palace is also home to some beautiful artistic ruins that allow visitors to see how the royals lived. Children often marvel at the sheer size of the site.
  • Thiksey Monastery
    This 12-storey complex is said to be one of the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries in the Ladakh region home to more than 500 monks. This is a fantastic place to visit if you’re hoping to learn more about the Buddhist lifestyle, culture, scriptures, statues and even paintings – plus, it boasts some beautiful views.

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of doing a family friendly bike trip to Leh Ladakh, we hope that this blog has given you some helpful information in planning your journey. Whilst it is possible to plan your own tour, we highly recommend booking with a reputable tour company – particularly when travelling with children – to ensure that your Ladakh trip on bike goes smoothly. Viktorianz has experience with motorcycle tours around the world and we specialise in customised itineraries that are planned to suit the traveller – get in touch today.