Facts about sound level meter you were not aware about

Mostly sound level meters are associated with factories and mines where the level of noise is extremely high. However, very few people know that this device is also used in areas around us like hospitals, offices, entertainments, traffic signals etc. You may be wondering as you never find noise so loud in these places. Well, ill-effects of noise not always depend on whether you feel it unbearable. At times, it also affects when it sounds just ‘loud’.
For instance, entertainment areas like clubs, pubs or discs where sound level is so high that you can’t even listen to your phone rings. But, you may not know that in these areas sound is controlled using sound level meter devices. These instruments can not only identify the danger level of the sound but also prevent the volume from being too high and limit it during a fire alarm. On the other hand if you stay in such entertainment areas for longer you may be the victim of deafness. So, think about the bar staffs and other employees who spend hours there without taking a break. Sound level meter also protects them from its ill-effects.

Call centers are the places where executives have to work with their head phones on all the time that may cause hearing trouble in later stage of life. This is also where sound level meter is useful as it controls the voice level and maintains the appropriate level. There are many similar areas we are unaware about where this modern device helps us to lead a healthy life.