Different problems with chippers and their solutions

Whereas chippers can shred and mulch your garden wastes easily, at times it can be problematic to work with them as well. Chippers often behave strange and sometimes lead to fatal accidents. But such accidents and machinery issues can be dealt with if actual cause is identified. Here are some common behavior of the chippers, their cause and solutions.

Chipper not cutting or mulching evenly

This is the time when you need to replace the blades. With regular use, machine blades lose its sharpness and fail to cut or mulch evenly. If the blade is not much damaged, you can sharpen them and use again, or else if damage is visible, it is better to replace completely to avoid possibility injury.

Chippers not starting

If you have got electric model, start investigation from cable, because most of the start-up problem arise from damaged wires. Once wires get damaged, they can cause short circuit in the power supply if you are not careful. To avoid this, keep checking the wire and replace them if needed. You can do this yourself, but only if you have experience with electric work.
If you have fuel based model, check whether it has enough fuel in the tank. In other conditions, it can be old fuel in the tank. Homeowners often leave their chippers for months. By the time fuel in the tank gets old and loses their standard required to run the machine. Always, change the machine oil if you have not used for several months.

Hopper and chute exit rattling excessively or flowing unevenly

Unknowingly stones and large pieces of wood come with garden waste that somehow damage hopper (entry slide) and the starting chute of the chipper. Replace these parts by ordering suppliers and screw the new one.