How to Choose the Right Bollard for Your Application

It’s an unfortunate reality that mistakes – or even intentional decisions – whilst driving can result in cars heading the wrong way or through areas that are not meant to be accessed by vehicles. This is where a device designed for access control and safety, like security bollards, can be helpful.

Bollards are short posts that are embedded into a footpath, parking lot, street or other similar surfaces. They form a protective barrier that keeps cars where they need to be, safeguarding pedestrians and businesses.

With a variety of different safety bollards available, however, knowing which type will best meet the needs of your application is important.

Common Applications

  • School Zones

Kindergartens, schools and universities are high-traffic areas that see a lot of pedestrian activity – children are wandering around, buses are trying to manoeuvre, parents are waiting for their kids, and students/teachers are also driving in and out. It is critical the traffic operates correctly in these zones. Bollards can be used to mark the edges of the parking lot or along the edges of walkways to improve safety.

  • Airports & Government

Some locations are, unfortunately, the targets of ram-raid attacks that are designed to maim people and cause massive property damage. Airports and government buildings are high on this list, which is why crash-tested bollards are a common feature in areas where vehicles can get close. They can stop a speeding vehicle (up to 2270kg) travelling up to 50kmh.

  • Fairs & Community Events

Many fairs, festivals, carnivals and other community events take place in areas that vehicles are usually allowed to access. To prevent people from inadvertently driving into an area that is suddenly filled with pedestrians, temporary bollards are a fantastic solution. They can be set up once all vendors’ vehicles have entered the space and then removed once the event is over.

  • Outdoor Dining Areas

When the weather is nice, diners at cafes and restaurants often choose to sit outside rather than inside. These outdoor areas often border the road, which can be busy with cars driving up and down all day. Crash-safe bollards can be used to enhance the safety of diners, as well as provide a nice aesthetic to the area. They can also be used to keep pedestrians out of the dining area.

  • Asset Protection

If you own a business that fronts a busy street with nose-in parking, security bollards can be used to protect your shopfront from either accidental or intentional crashes. They perform the added function of protecting pedestrians walking in front of your store. These posts can also be used in other asset protection applications, such as keeping vehicles away from important or historical landmarks.

  • Work Zones

Construction often happens directly on the road or in close proximity to it. Crash-tested bollards can be used to protect workers from harm, as well as to protect pedestrians and vehicles from entering a potentially dangerous area (particularly out of hours when there are no workers around). A temporary or portable solution is best, as the posts can be packed up and removed once work is complete.

Other Shared Traffic Zones and High Volume Pedestrian Areas

Whilst you might have an idea of what security bollard will best meet the needs of your application, it’s highly recommended that you contact a professional company. They will be able to advise the best possible solution, as well as design the whole system and correctly install it, giving you peace of mind that it will work.

There are often a number of factors that need to be considered when choosing safety bollards, so having a second set of eyes will ensure that you have all your bases covered and that safety for vehicles, pedestrians and businesses is paramount.