Can Your Hedge Trimmer Cut Through Wet Shrubbery?

Have you ever watered your garden only to realize that you completely forgot about trimming your hedges first? Have you ever needed to give your shrubbery a prune, even though it has only just stopped raining? Fortunately, hedge trimmers are able to cut through wet shrubbery just as well as they are able to cut through dry, providing that you do so safely.

  • The teeth need to be sharp
    When your shrubbery is wet it will reduce the traction of the teeth as they eat throw the leaves and branches. By ensuring that your trimmer is sharp, you should be able to achieve this effortlessly.
  • The teeth need to be lubricated
    As water can actually reduce the mobility of the teeth’s cutting motion, you need to ensure that your trimmer has been properly lubricated. If you fail to do this, you could pose damage to its internal workings.
  • Protect against rust
    It is common knowledge that exposure to moisture can cause hedge trimmers to rust. Once your finished, make sure that you dry the metal areas of the machine with a rag.
  • Safety precautions
    When operating a trimmer in the wet, you need to ensure that you wear shoes with good grip to help prevent slipping over. You should also never work alone just in case something happens.

The above instructions are, of course, only applicable to hedge trimmers that are operated by petrol. Whilst there are both battery and electric models available, these should never be used in the wet because they pose all sorts of safety hazards, including electric shock and short-circuiting. In these situations, it is best to wait until the hedges are dry.