Apple Using Samsung Components On Their A7 Chip

Even though rumours that circulated in June suggested that Apple had reached a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for its next generation of chips, current rumours suggest that Apple’s impending A7 processor will have at least some Samsung components. Whilst nothing has been confirmed or denied, it does seem like the latter is true.

Developer Nick Frey told 9to5Mac that he came across references to a new A7 chip within the code of the iOS 7 file system. Another person, who is also familiar with Apple’s chip design process, revealed to 9to5Mac that their analysis of the iOS 7 code made it clear that some Samsung components will be used on the chip; they speculated on the power display as the location.

Believe it or not, this actually wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has used Samsung components in their processing chips. Both the A6 and A6X chips have made use of these components in one way or another. Dara Kerr of CNET has speculated that Samsung will work on the A7 series of chips and that TSMC will cover A8, A9 and A9X.

There has also been some speculation that there will be a mixture of both TSMC and Samsung components in all of the processing chips that are rumoured to be in the works. Discussions with people close to Apple have revealed that it is highly likely we will find the A7 chip inside the new iPhone 5S and that it will possibly be found in future iPads.

On the topic of iPads, it has also been rumoured that there are three new models of the iPad Mini on the way, including a “2,8”, “2,9” and “2,10”. This is also yet to be confirmed or denied by Apple.