Apple Stores To Soon Offer iPhone 5s And 5c Screen Replacements, As Well As Other Repairs

According to sources at 9to5Mac, Apple Stores around the world will soon be able to replace screens and make other repairs on their iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models, meaning that they will no longer need to completely replace handsets with rectifiable damage or other problems. There have been no reports of these services extending to other devices in the Apple range, however.


These sources have said that “Apple will be providing its stores with special machinery to replace the touchscreens on both (devices)” and that “these machines will be used specifically to calibrate the displays”. The replacement process will take approximately one hour (sometimes around 30 minutes), which is considerably faster than syncing and backing up.

As well as replacing the touchscreen, Apple Stores will also be able to replace volume buttons, the vibrating motor, and the speaker system. The conventional home button on the iPhone 5c will also be able to be replaced, but it does not look as if they will be able to replace the Touch ID- based button that is featured on the new iPhone 5s.

The good news is that these replacements will prove to be quite affordable, especially when compared to the cost of purchasing a new iPhone. Replacing the screen, for example, will cost you $149 for each device, a battery replacement will cost you $79 and an iPhone 5c home button will cost you $29. Devices that are under AppleCare warranties will be repaired free of charge.

Sources have said that replacement parts, the new calibration machines and training manuals have already been delivered to some Apple Stores.

Image Source: 9to5Mac