Apple All Set To Release IPhone 5S This August

Apple is all set to release the new segment of iphone this summer. According to sources, Apple has scheduled the launch of new iPhone 5S in August 2013. The new generation iPads which includes iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 is also expected to hit the market this April. Apple released the iPad mini and fourth generation iPad in October 2012. Therefore April looks a bit early for the launch of the new iPad. According to iMore’s sources, Apple is also considering releasing new iPads next month.

Iphone 5S


The site says Apple could launch a fifth-generation iPad in April alongside an updated iPad mini. The iPhone 5S will be equipped with more advanced processor and an improved camera for good image quality. For iPhone 5, Apple group made the casing thinner and kept the other specifications almost same as before.

The iPhone 5S is all set to raise the bar of expectations in terms of iPhone optics, including advanced processor and improved camera features. Apple is not going to release iPads that costs more or don’t get as good battery life as the current models. So, if the next iPad mini does end up getting slated for April, it could be a spec bump, or have something other than Retina as a differentiator. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.