An overview of whiteboard and its accessories

The popularity of Whiteboards is increasing day by day. They are considered as one of the most important and interactive teaching tools. They have replaced the traditional chalkboards. They are widely used in homes, offices, schools, colleges and various other educational institutions. They are used to represent information either by drawing or by writing content with the help of whiteboard markers.

  • Whiteboard markers are one of the most important and essential teaching/writing tool. They are one of the most important accessories used with White boards.
  • They are the mostly used as a writing tool. They are available in variety of colors and they come with different tips such as bullet-tip, chisel-tip, and fine-point tip. These markers are light in weight and create crisp and bright writing. They are extremely cost effective, as they can be rubbed out and replaced.
  • One of the most important and notable thing about whiteboard markers is the erasable ink of these markers which can be easily erased with the help of Whiteboard erasers. The ink used in these markers does not contain the toxic chemical compounds, and therefore it is safe for the children.
  • Whiteboards Erasers are the other most important and a must have accessory to be used with the whiteboards as it is very essential to erase your board after you use it. They are used for cleaning the content from these boards.
  • Whiteboards Erasers comes in variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The whiteboard erasers are inexpensive, washable, and absorb marker dust so your whiteboard will always look its best.

Overall, In order to keep the whiteboards for a longer period and that too in a good condition, they should be properly maintained and should be cleaned regularly. You should always use a good quality of Whiteboard marker and Whiteboard erasers. The more you use your whiteboard, the more you need to clean it.