All-New Melbourne Pet Surgery on the Importance of Regular Vet Care

New vet clinic Melbourne Pet Surgery on the importance of regular vet care

For most people their pets are members of their family. They’re lovingly referred to as the owner’s best friend or even their “child”, included in family portraits, and often have a dedicated spot in the lounge room that no one – including guests – is allowed to sit on. Despite all this love and dedication, many owners only take their pets to the vet when they’re sick or injured. This is a practice that the team at Melbourne Pet Surgery are hoping to change when our clinic opens this coming March.

Who is Melbourne Pet Surgery (MPS)?

Established by Dr Scot Plummer, the MPS team is committed to providing high quality veterinary services at affordable prices. It’s our aim to help as many beloved pets as possible live long and happy lives. Our team of highly skilled veterinarians and nurses has more than 20 years’ experience, so you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands.

Our comprehensive range of vet services includes general practice, vaccinations, desexing, caesareans, dental, radiology and pathology. The extensive range of surgeries we can perform includes orthopaedic (ACL, limb fractures, etc), eye (corneal ulcers, entropion, etc), abdomen (gastrointestinal obstructions, bladder stone removal, etc), cancer (skin masses, osteosarcoma, etc), and soft tissue (soft palate resection). We also provide discounted rates – including surgeries – for rescue groups in recognition of the outstanding work they do.

Our brand-new state-of-the-art clinic on Robinson Street in Dandenong is due to open in March 2023
and we cannot wait to welcome you into our family.

Why are regular vet visits important?

As you see your pet every day it can be hard to spot little changes. Your vet can help to nip any emerging health problems in the bud as they are trained in what to look out for. Early detection and intervention allows the Melbourne Pet Surgery team to treat the disease right from the beginning and then to manage it moving forward (possibly with simple lifestyle changes or medication). Our vets can also give you some tips on how to stave off potential medical conditions in your pet.

Routine visits and testing also provides a baseline of your pet’s normal values, as well as has the potential to identify hidden illnesses. Older pets, in particular, can benefit from routine screening for common species- and even breed-specific diseases.

What would a routine visit entail?

During a routine visit, our veterinarians will perform a physical examination of your pet to ensure they’re in tiptop health. This includes the ears, eyes, mouth, skin, heart and lungs, abdomen, muscles, joints and bones. Depending on their findings, the age of your pet and any extenuating factors, the vet may also perform some routine tests, such as bloodwork, urinalysis and a faecal examination.

What services are a part of regular vet visits?

Some of the crucial services that your pet may receive during regular visits with your veterinarian include:


Regular dental maintenance is crucial for the overall health of our animal friends. Not only does this help to prevent bad breath and avoid the need for teeth to be removed, it can also help to prevent a number of unpleasant health problems (such as kidney and heart disease).

It’s important to remember infections that form in your pet’s mouth can easily enter their bloodstream and travel to major organs.


Did you know that regular grooming is an important part of good pet care? Having a clean and tangle-free coat is essential for an animal’s skin health, whilst groomed nails and clean teeth will assist in their overall health. Please note that not all veterinarians will provide they are usually happy to accommodate.


A parasitic worm that is generally spread via mosquito bites, heartworm can easily pass from one animal to another, and the infection can sit dormant in their system for more than 6 months. If your pet is not receiving regular veterinary care, heartworm is often caught too late and can be fatal to our furry friends. A heartworm infection in a pet that is receiving regular vet care, however, is likely to turn up through bloodwork and can be treated.


Similar to humans, pets also need vaccinations. There are several diseases that animals can now be vaccinated against, which can impact their lifespan. The vaccinations that your pet requires can depend on their species, breed, location and even on whether they’re kept indoors or outdoors. Desexing, whilst only performed once, can also help to avoid health problems associated with breeding (such as ovarian cancer and uterine infections).

Final Thoughts

Regular vet care is an important part of pet ownership – not only for the health and lifespan of the animal, but also for keeping them happy and content. Melbourne Pet Surgery would love to be your vet of choice for ongoing pet care – and, should a more serious health concern crop up, we have the facilities and experience to manage it, in most cases, onsite at our clinic. Reach out to our friendly team today and visit us in Dandenong when our clinic opens in March 2023.