A Guide To Maintaining Bifolds In Melbourne

There is nothing more annoying for many homeowners that finding that their bifolds in Melbourne have become out of sync – they don’t open or close properly, they don’t line up in the frame well anymore, and they look awkward and out of place. In order to prevent the same thing from befalling your bifolds, however, you should keep them regularly maintained.

Every so often, you should give bifolds in Melbourne a thorough inspection, as this allows you to pinpoint any problems or damage before they make your door completely unusable. Always start your inspection at the top of the bifold and work your way down, beginning with checking that the guide rail is still firmly attached to the door frame and is not bent or damaged.

Next, you can check each of the rollers that are mounted in the top of the doors; they should be round in shape, free moving, set at a common height and not appear to have an excessive amount of wear. If the rollers of your bifolds in Melbourne are out of whack, you can usually pick up replacements from your local hardware store.

Moving down the bifolds, check that all of the hinges are still securely attached to the panels and that they are undamaged. You can apply a light lubricating oil to them (any one will do) to prevent them from squeaking or getting stuck. If you find that the hinges of your bifolds in Melbourne are damaged, you can easily replace them with parts from your hardware store.

Finally, give the hinge pins of your bifolds in Melbourne a look over. Check that they are firmly seated in the hinge and that they are evenly spaced, both top and bottom. If they are also out of whack, loosen the screws on the top hinge, as this will allow you to reposition the pins.